Saturday, September 4, 2021

Overexposed By The Light { 35 mm }


There are these places that we feel, a version, aversion, a vision. I have been blind to.Looking off at, other. Things. Like the , broken heart. That tells us not to sing. The wide awake mind. Kept by words, that cause me not to see, not to sleep. Blinding, but Unearthing hiding feelings. Ways thought to be, innocent. laughed off to right wrongs. 


Taking a picture of a spinning world. A flickering light, dancing and dimming, almost out of sight
I was focused on, my struggles and almost did not see. Not focused, on the colors. The depth.
The Beauty next to me. 

Chiseled into wood, displayed behind glass was a picture waiting. A picture inside of a picture waiting.
For me to take a second. a flick a wait. A Flash. To see, what I would not have, seen. 
Sometimes, we are so close to the light, so overexposed. We take for granted looking for the flicker, almost
out of sight

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