Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 Mirror image

your mother was a mistress, and your father was a slave to her beauty. I am the brother of sin and the sister of lust, i know you.

Your Mothers Child
You move like salt lake slabs of tree trunk lost at sea,
your heart is big and brown, and your memory seem to be short
Glossy chap lip, swaying, shoegazing, gnarly kid man, you shredded.
Truth is...

a complete belief,
i sometimes kick my ankles with my boot and it swells
Ive compromised many times but never forgotten the peace in during the bitterness,
It is not an obligation to tell you, the truth. But an attempt made to consider the spirit
in us all

Christ bless you

Monday, August 8, 2016

scrambled egg with basil, please

Its a new day.
As the sun shines and the plump vines sway
I think to myself, in all ive seen, the ins outs and in betweens
I best know, Its a new day.

I woke, with an admit hope that you would be, lying next to me, in bed
instead, im on a couch and next to my head is everything i own,

still i am not alone, I remember the peace that Ive felt from numerous hells passing
coming and snatching in the night
Ive been, Still i must say
Today, is a new day

under my cuticle, my mind is far from intertwined with love.
Mingled with rough patches of pain, i can not be afraid

If you are the wind beneath my wings then i am falling and we were never the source.
Always were we the vessels being poured into. Never the stencil

Now I see, peace is not yours to give to me,
Nor I to you, its truly free

I thought it once to come from being, content and warm in my abode,
Solace in my fortress, home is not here
We've opened windows we were meant to,
looking forward, thinking back, God sent you, to open my eyes to his grace

Im burned down, and empty house waiting to be filled with flowers

do you see me, I see you. Am I blind or is this truly divine

Truly Yours, and truly mine,

I hope I am your arms and you and still my feet
Lord willing I will always hold your hand while you keep my beat

I am here, i still believe this point of view has not changed the dream
the hope, the love , the pain that's on display

Im woke another morning
Today is a New Day