Tuesday, September 7, 2021



A filament of the times, a weird fish 

only in pieces when im fooled by fools

falling out of grip knowing every one of them leaves

and it turns us

and we stumble over rocks we have to tumble back over,

 to places we never really left

Im in between time and it might be a fact of true being all i needed

caught in some white light , nostalgic to the pace of slowly poured coffee

at a shop with faces eager to be shined upon 

mood of zero, a common ground to agree on 

"are you empty? " someone whispers over a mask and a latte

you think about it, for a second.

You snap back to reality when the woman behind the register with the soft voice exclaimed,

"Sir, Are you, empty?, do you need a, refill?"

Thom hits a falsetto in the back, ground. The well lit life scene.

You are experiencing the feelin of a double meaning in your cup 

falling out of grip, so i take a sip 

and Im transported back, to more than a feeling. 

More of the look of the walls, the the chairs, the table, and ceiling 

We are fixtures. 

We are fixed and placed in placed for broken souls to be made whole 

We are purposed to pain, purposed through pains

so that the power still intact will fill the empty vessel

Von Paul


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Overexposed By The Light { 35 mm }


There are these places that we feel, a version, aversion, a vision. I have been blind to.Looking off at, other. Things. Like the , broken heart. That tells us not to sing. The wide awake mind. Kept by words, that cause me not to see, not to sleep. Blinding, but Unearthing hiding feelings. Ways thought to be, innocent. laughed off to right wrongs. 


Taking a picture of a spinning world. A flickering light, dancing and dimming, almost out of sight
I was focused on, my struggles and almost did not see. Not focused, on the colors. The depth.
The Beauty next to me. 

Chiseled into wood, displayed behind glass was a picture waiting. A picture inside of a picture waiting.
For me to take a second. a flick a wait. A Flash. To see, what I would not have, seen. 
Sometimes, we are so close to the light, so overexposed. We take for granted looking for the flicker, almost
out of sight

Friday, September 3, 2021


Ode to a friend, 
til we meet again
its been many days
for you, i hope and pray 
clous // pre covidian era

35 mm

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Taking a Walk, We Ponder

Vista Light

We do not know, what tomorrow may bring

sweet sweet kiss 

a midnight sting

a little piece of whats to come

heavy breathing call 911

in the midst of that new song you had begun

The leaf that fell and broke the strum

wide eyes surprised at whats become 

of the man in the chair who called, them. there

prepare, prepare, prepare.for despair 

in the middle of your song

when you already feelin  dead, 

and the director adds some gasoline 

fastened deep in a dream, you were asked. To keep

So I will take a walk, and i will calm 

I will find something to pour into the emptiness 

We find something inside those moments

Ourselves, a piece of ourselves

A Peace of Ourselves

Monday, August 17, 2020

Real Ones

You make me feel alive, 

electrified by your presence
God sent me a blessing in surprise
despite her size, small, but mighty
hands that have gripped life
have accepted what they were meant for
she is graceful, she is grateful ,
she is spirit filled, she is wise in her years
she is a friend that was sent from God
aren't they all, yes
but there are some that come
and make you realize were you are from
remember that you were called
remember that you are loved

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Most Curious Woman in The World

    The Mother of Curious // oil // canvas //20 in x 24 in 


The mother of all creation. The first, the first blood from the womb earth. As I wonder what she was like, i see her in all creation. Man and Womb-man alike. She is within us all. And even in our curiosity, we find first that it came from our mothers mothers mother. The story of Eve and her curiosity is most times told as a tale of coming of age and knowledge starting with curiosity. Though some judge her curiosity, maybe in it we find ourselves and answers to why we are curious about things that have both negative and positive effects on us and in our lives. All the same, curiosity is not cursed. But endowed with a discernment once we place in order our steps. Or allow the spirit to teach us the boundaries within our willingness to want to find, find out, or find within.