Monday, March 24, 2014

Faces in Places

A picture has a thousand thoughts. They aren't always words, sometimes in my opinion they are feelings that radiate from the soul captured in a shot. In this particular photo, the young woman seen here was very shy even though we had met on several occasions. But then I thought to myself,"If Im honest and well directed, I could possibly capture some feeling, just forget I have the camera and look at me. And right then,... such graceful love and beauty in her eyes. A blessing to work with.  


 Always a blessing to catch a moment of blessing. This is Michael D. He just got a job and is overwhelmed. Can you see the clenching triumphant pure "stoked-ness". I think I did. He was the first person to show me the band "Can". nuff said.


Meet Shane Stout, he's a man. A man of many talents and strengths, his fingers move like water across the fret-board. He is dapper and his band "Mystic Braves" is killer, i think you will like Shane's life. Good example of a grateful, well-dressed man.
I dig.

Shane's sounds here:

This, is George Fierro. He is a very interesting and talented indevidual. He makes sounds that live and breath, he has dedicated his life to music and is now a composer and multi-instrumentalist nesting in the sunshine of los angeles. I have the pleasure of knowing George both on and off the stage as a fellow vessel.afriend.abrother.amen. We've delved into experiments with sound in all fields of study, from ambient dream, to hip-hop/soul, rythem & blues to full on film scores. We have been together performing compositions at 'lightning in a bottle, Moon Block Party and many art events. Playing "The Serenity Gathering" this month the 29th in SB. We have a conscious hip hop album droppin this winter. Look out for 

"The III's"

Enjoy George here:

This is Harrison Roberts. Art Director at Moon Block Party,and masterfully skilled artist. He is the man, period. One of the greatest creative minds of this time and can sing like a bird. When he's not collaborating with festivals, bands or projects in the arts he's spinnin vinyl and stayin slick. 

The one man band, M.Cobian. This man can be seen in several different projects in the LA area. Strangers Family Band, Jeffetiti's nile and the Buttertones. Lots of beautiful sounds. He is a truly blessed and gifted individual that really makes use of his skill and calling.

The sounds:

more to come....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Collaborations as a vessel of sound

I had the pleasure of meeting a very unique and inspiring artist on one of my journeys. She is a painter amazing musician and in this story, an exceptional film maker. She has multiple pieces you can find on her youtube channel, search Meg Gamez. With her creatve visual perspective and my love for sounds that give vision to the blinded spirit, we created a piece that I feel speaks for itself in whatever art does to ones heart and soul. Not forgetting Johnny Conally a now local sound designer who studied audio engineering and production at the Art Institute of Portland. He was the ears of the operation an kept the vision of artistic creativity crystal clear as we became vessel and witness to something greater than ourselves, Art. With that I present to you a film "Colors". Enjoy!!

The Realist

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Knowledge for you noggin, music for your soul.

we tell stories to people who want to listen...

I got a chance to talk with Kat Hargraves of Cultural Weekly and she ask about life music and what I had to say about one of my musical groups Young Old Man, who is schedueld to play several amazing showcases including SXSW and Moon Block Party's Desert daze with acts like AutoLux, The Reavenettes, JJUUJJUU, and many more. at  

Heres a closer look at our convo an what the fruture may bring. Enjoy