Thursday, December 29, 2016

Big Sisters

You wake me in the morning knowing my thoughts,
I hold you dear like the sky holds the moon
You have told me of things i was not old enough to behold 
And given me my favorite colors
Your light was modest and tender like fresh green grass dewed with a sparkle

I remember a time when i had to hold you, 
when the wounds were deep and felt at the hands of the one whose womb we descended from
The pain was great but i held you and told you we were gonna make it

We have, grown strong and wizened in years and forgiving tears.
letters and recordings and songs and laughter

I see you now as the fruit of pain turned to pleasant trees with leaves that extend into other hands 
Now i can give and know how much has been put into me
into things that I have learned to love and grow in. 

Big sister 

I love that you showed my how to be kind
to paint the picture i want to see

Big sister, i love you