Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Faces in Places pt. 2

Its been a while. Time is a good thing to take when it is given to grow. In growing we learn and in applying what we have learned we gain wisdom through works.

 When you see something that touches you and you have the means to present that as a piece of your emotion it is a blessing. And that is what photography does for me. I love it and I want to share it with you all. Heres to beginning again and to you all who love and are able to be inspired by the love of Gods gifts to the creation through man/woman/child/mind/body/SPirit. Enjoy


I call her Alana. She is alive, she is a human being and a vessel with a story. Will we ever have the time to sit and listen, take a chance at hurting for someone. with someone. If only we saw with a perspective of the pain. Spread the loving warmth.

The clutter must suffice. In a place were we do not look we find out minds adrift
Venice Beach 

Floating with the palm - Venice Ca

DC, is different. I watched a cab driver almost get killed at an intersection by some hoods. This man wasn't so tried. Dc, is different.

Washington, District of Columbia 

One of the most amazing women to ever be trapped in a house with. I remember how strong willed she was. So stubborn and loving and beautiful. Her love for cooking and good company was something i could not refuse during my tour out east. Thank you Celina for your love, mother-like ways and attention. Greece has made a queen.

The dog that ate your life and pooped on your shoes in heaven. Rio

We set out into the wild. Nema,Rio and I,Looking for adventure. Stumbled upon friendship. Learning to love was the biggest part of our relationfriendshipisode. Something like a marriage to a 4 year old child that eats your life and poops on your shoes when you get to heaven.


I will never know.


Arnold is one of those people you never forget. A Frenchmen with little care for political view points, or banter. Its in the music and the sounds he hears that keeps him alive. In the beat and the colors of the world he is a part of creating through the visual arts, as He is in architecture.  Riding our bikes through the chilled air on a saturday night to a function of large proportion was always the plan. "The Party", but was not always the best idea. The night was sure to show.

I can hear him saying. "Today a good day, and tomorrow, Even better"


Of Course, there will always be one. Thanks Neema  -DC

This Journey has taken me 16000 miles and back. 

Even if you didnt know them. By the time you mustered up enough of yourself to find out. They were either leaving or looking.....right, at.........................    YOU

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You have been exposed before. Have you ever been, double exposed. I would think that that would make a difference.

to be continued........