Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Most Curious Woman in The World

    The Mother of Curious // oil // canvas //20 in x 24 in 


The mother of all creation. The first, the first blood from the womb earth. As I wonder what she was like, i see her in all creation. Man and Womb-man alike. She is within us all. And even in our curiosity, we find first that it came from our mothers mothers mother. The story of Eve and her curiosity is most times told as a tale of coming of age and knowledge starting with curiosity. Though some judge her curiosity, maybe in it we find ourselves and answers to why we are curious about things that have both negative and positive effects on us and in our lives. All the same, curiosity is not cursed. But endowed with a discernment once we place in order our steps. Or allow the spirit to teach us the boundaries within our willingness to want to find, find out, or find within. 

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